Calf tightness in runners. A very simple blog post.

It doesn’t matter what runner you are, 100m sprint or someone who does 50 mile ultras. Calf tightness is that niggly pain you cannot seem to shift off. Hopefully you could have some useful info to take away for your training regimes. Remember you can see more about finding the right Therapist by clicking here.Continue reading “Calf tightness in runners. A very simple blog post.”

Massage. More hassle than it’s worth?

By Ben Elliott Getting a massage, no need to worry. There are many people that book in for a massage, women, men, OAPs, you name it. The demand for massage is high to help combat muscular aches and pains caused by everyday life. I mean, think about it, it’s a stranger touching another stranger inContinue reading “Massage. More hassle than it’s worth?”

Food for thought – The newly qualified Therapist

Increase circulation, increased recovery rates, flexibility enhancement, are the many benefits of massage that you are taught. Entering a new career for the first time can be quite daunting. Here a few little tips to consider for when you qualify. There are so many different pieces of advice you can take, so if I haveContinue reading “Food for thought – The newly qualified Therapist”